Webinar October 22, 2020; @ 10:15 GMT+1; duration 30 minutes

How to increase ROI with AI in manufacturing


How to increase ROI with AI in manufacturing

How to increase ROI with AI in manufacturing
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Why is it imperative to automate the artificial intelligence pipeline in manufacturing? 

Manufacturing companies are trying to maximise margins. They want to go beyond robot process automation and finally see big returns on investment, but in order to do this they must adopt lean AI, let the business drive AI and automate the AI pipeline. Omina Technologies will show you a surefire way to get production ready algorithms quickly into production that will maximise your margins. 

Omina Technologies has delivered scalable and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence solutions to both large and small companies across Europe and the USA since 2016. We believe in leveraging artificial intelligence in an ethical way. 

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October 22, 2020

10:15 GMT+1

duration 30 minutes

About the speaker

Artificial Intelligence

Rachel Alexander


Rachel is CEO and founder of Omina Technologies, an AI company dedicated to ethical AI solutions, and recently won the award for ‘Artificial Intelligence Person of the Year’ in Belgium. Rachel is responsible for the technological vision and strategy of Omina Technologies. During her physics studies at Indiana University she became fascinated by the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Rachel has lived and worked in Belgium for the past twenty years devoting herself to helping companies navigate new technological advances and incorporating them seamlessly into their strategy. Before founding Omina Technologies Rachel worked as Global IT Director at Studio100 and in the management of CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation).






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